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About Inspired Housing

Inspired Housing is a women-led organisation, that offers supported living accommodation to vulnerable women, and mothers with babies who are homeless or at risk of homelessness.

At Inspired Housing, we aim to empower the women we support to become the best version of themselves and make positive changes. We promote independence while offering the women all that is needed to take that all-important step to a better and brighter future. Inspired Housing offers spacious living accommodations with all the necessities. The environment is very welcoming, and the staff is always on call if need be. We also offer weekly holistic well-being support that is tailored to fit the needs of all our clients.

Some of the organisations that we are currently working with are to ensure our clients get the best support are:

  • The Prison Reform Trust and Probation 
  • Birmingham Minds
  • InnerCityLife
  • Change Live Grow
  • Enterkey Training 
  • St Basil
  • Trident Reach

In order to get our women back on track to a better and brighter future, we follow a five-stage programme which has been very successful since we initiated it. 

From stages one through five, we do constant planning and review of goals and targets that have been achieved, and explore different avenues for those that have not been met. Our ladies are never alone, we take the journey with them, updating and rewarding their progress.

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